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APP-中医来咯Chinese medicine came, is a reliable large-scale Chinese medicine doctor group, professional and has affinity, patient care, careful and systematic, for the sake of patients, timely and accurate solution to the patient problem, with its long-term cooperation to manage their own Healthy body.


Customer’s appeal is to break the traditional Chinese medicine’s old-fashioned image, into the young and lively power, closer to the intimate distance of Chinese medicine. We through the traditional Chinese medicine refining, in the main colors above the use of ocher and cinnabar sitting with the two, enough to jump to reflect the traditional style of the feelings of the design of the icon above the representative of the image of Chinese medicine, enhance the affinity, In part of the visual also joined the illustrations of the Smart elements.
In the interactive process of the design process, we try to put every use of the links are restored to people’s daily lives to ensure that the product on-line after the practicality and availability. In the future, Chinese medicine to slightly mobile business around the user scene to do more diversified attempts to reduce the difference between the experience of channels for each customer needs to provide a more smooth and convenient personalized experience.
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