Cloud Bud



这个客户比较有意思,自己对设计有一定认知,在委托我们前,她已经自己动手设计过品牌的logo。并给我们看了她们的稿子。通过沟通后我们得出了现在的方向。从品牌的英文cloudbud出发。我们将品牌云牙中的“云”和“芽” 的形状融入到英文设计中。整体则采用了一个彩色的配色,让品牌调性更加活泼,突出儿童属性的朝气。在卡通形象上我们通过把云和叶芽的形状结合成一个兔子的形状,我们叫它做云芽兔。活泼可爱符合品牌调性。

创意:muthink / YNC
设计执行:YNC / chill


Yunya Children’s Apparel is a brand engaged in the development of children’s underwear products in Wuxi. From product design to production, we strive to create a comfortable children’s wear brand.

This customer is more interesting, she has a certain understanding of the design, before commissioning us, she has designed the brand logo. And showed us their manuscripts. After communication, we got the current direction. Starting from the brand’s English cloudbud. We incorporate the shapes of “clouds” and “buds” in the brand cloud into English design. The whole color is used in a color scheme to make the brand more lively and highlight the vitality of children’s attributes. In the cartoon image, we combine it into the shape of a rabbit by combining the shape of the cloud and the leaf bud. We call it a cloud bud rabbit. Lively and cute meets the brand tonality.


Art Direction,  Branding